10 Best New Years Resolutions

THE COMMON RESOLUTION: “I will be less stressed by my job this year.” 

THE SMARTER RESOLUTION: “I will decrease my workload in the office.”

Why it works: Parts of your job will probably always cause you some kind of stress, but eliminating unnecessary stressors of it can play a big role in calming you down, says Jeffrey Nevid, Ph.D., professor of psychology at St. John’s University in New York. 

The best way to do this? Meet with your boss to see what can be taken off your plate and delegated to someone else, suggests Nevid. If you’re genuinely overloaded, make a case to your boss that it’s in the company’s best long-term interests to reassess your workload, suggests Alison Green, the career expert behind the blog Ask a Manager

“In those cases, you can point out what’s not getting done for lack of time, or what’s getting done, but with less care and attention that would be ideal,” she says. Then, you can move on to possibly moving stuff off of your plate entirely. (Here are 6 more ways to beat job stress.)

Just make sure you’re truly swamped and stressed before you do this, Green advises. “If you aren’t really all that overloaded, going to your boss and asking to do less will come across as tone-deaf at best and slacker-ish at worst,” she says. “So you really need to have a good sense of how reasonable your workload is overall.”

Additional reporting by Chris Mohr, Ph.D., R.D.

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