Michael B. Jordan Career Timeline

Michael B. Jordan didn’t start this way. Fans of Friday Night Lights will tell you that, yes, while the 31-year-old actor once played an accomplished and heavily recruited high school quarterback on the cultishly beloved show, he was a shell of his current self—a wisp of a thing. Now the hulking star is in a […]

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs Review

The winter-season Coen brothers release is, at this point, tradition, which makes the last five or so years feel bereft in retrospect. The last time Joel and Ethan dropped a movie around this time was 2013, when the gray-tinted, spiritually bleak Inside Llewyn Davis opened in early December; between then and now rests Hail Caesar!, […]

Why Tim Tebow Will Never Go Away

Getty ImagesSam Greenwood Tim Tebow, a football player who hasn’t played a meaningful football game in six years, was in the headlines again this week. The 2007 Heisman Trophy winner will host Million Dollar Mile, a LeBron James-produced “physical competition series” primed to air on CBS next year. With that type of introduction, you might […]