‘People Are Giggling at My Penis Like Kids’

Chris Pine is never going to hear the end of his full-frontal nude scene in new Netflix movie Outlaw King.

When the film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival last month, some critics even referenced his naked scene in their reviews, and now the Hell or High Water star says some viewers are laughing at him in his naked glory like giddy “teenagers playing spin the bottle”.

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outlaw king, chris pine

NetflixDavid Eustace

“People are giggling about my penis as if we’re schoolchildren,” the actor told the Mirror.

“There are movies with people sawing their heads off and you can show that to a 13-year-old in my country and it’s not a problem. You show two people having sex and your mother’s got to hide you from it.”

He added: “People want to talk about my penis as if we’re a bunch of teenagers playing spin the bottle.”

outlaw king, florence pugh


Although co-star Florence Pugh also goes fully naked in the film, her nude moment has barely been commented on, and Pine argues that the response he’s had to his nudity has highlighted a double standard for male and female stars.

Speaking to Press Association, he added: “I’d love to have an interesting conversation about why is it funny or pithy or a conversation to be had about that, whereas Florence is not.

“Is she expected to do that because she is a woman and I’m not expected to do that because I’m a man? What is it really? I don’t know, totally.”

He also shared his surprise that his nudity has garnered more attention than the shocking level of violence and gore in the movie.

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“But certainly there’s a lot of violence in this film and people get de-bowelled and stuff like that, and no-one wants to talk about that,” Pine went on.

Chris Pine in The Outlaw King trailer


“And I think it’s certainly a marker of our puritanical culture where if people make love, or show what god gave us, it’s somehow NC-17 and you can de-bowel, behead, you can do all sorts of crazy shit like that and people are like, ‘Yeah that seems right’.

“Let’s put a big mirror up to us and say, ‘Why? What’s going on guys?'”

Pine plays legendary Scottish warrior Robert the Bruce in the true story which follows his 14th Century rebellion against Edward I of England (Stephen Dillane) and how he seized the Scottish crown back for the Scots.

Outlaw King will be made available on Netflix from November 9.

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